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In a little White Box

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In a little white box
In a little white room
Sits a little white angel
Alone on the shelf.

Her halo is broken
Her wings are bent
Her work is hard
Her pay is low.

Yet she sits there,
Forever entrusted
With a load even heavier
Than that of a broken halo.

In that little white box,
In that little white room
Sits a little white angel
Praying for happiness.

The Sky

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As the moon rises in the obsidian sky,

I look to the heavens and start to cry,

Then the skies’ tears begin to fall,

As if it could possibly understand me at all.

The sky has nothing to cry for and yet,

That only causes it to continue to fret,

It doesn’t want to be lonely again,

But then, it doesn’t know who to call it’s real friend.

The sky is alone, it almost never smiles,

But when the blue comes, a sun so bright beguiles

us with it’s beautiful brilliance.

The sky is strong, there are many worlds it holds,

Worlds that scream in pain from the cold,

Worlds crying out to a man that’s not here,

Worlds that are crying with a single tear.

All alone

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I’m lost in a world of darkness,
And can’t find my way out,
And I know that if I try to talk,
The words will never come out.

I’m having a hard time believing,
That I’m even worth it at all,
My feelings just don’t matter,
But in truth they scare me the most.

I need help, I need you to save me,
But you will never know,
How I suffer all alone,
If only you could tell.

I wish I didn’t feel this way,
Like the world is sitting on my chest,
Like all this pain is setting in,
And burning down my heart.

I don’t know why I feel so awful,
Or why my tears refuse to come,
All I know is that for sure,
I am all alone in this dark world.


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I am a wolf,

I roam alone,

In the woods,

When no one’s home.

I cry at moons,

And gaze at stars,

You would assume,

I’m free; unbarred.

But I am trapped,

In my own prison,

My strength is sapped,

My pain arisen.

I am lonely,

I have no one,

But one and only,

I have the sun.

I have the moon,

I have the stars,

I have my doom,

That’s all that matters.

I tell myself,

Not to listen,

Not to watch you,

Whilst you glisten.

I try not to,

But I cannot,

I cannot, it’s true,

I just can’t stop.

I can’t stop jealousy,

I can’t stop sadness,

I only feel lousy,

When trapped in this madness.

I am Death

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I am Death:

I am the voice in your head when you’re close to the end,

The one that whispers again and again,

“Be still, little soul, and I will come,

I will take what you’ve become.”

I am Death:

I am the shiver you get when I’m in the room,

Warning you of your imminent doom,

I am the soul-reaper, dream-taker, all of these things,

But Death is the name of which all fear brings.

I am Death:

I am the sadness that comes, when only you are left,

When all tears but yours’ have been wept,

I am the one who gives people a day,

Then at a snap of my fingers takes all that away.

I am Death:

I am the one who cries alone,

Weeps into the pillars of stone,

I am the one that you can’t see,

Death is the wonder that I call, Me.

I Feel Alone

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“I feel so alone sometimes…”

— Unknown