Soul-Dancer (Page 8)

bag on Fraya, who groaned under the weight.  “What do you have in there?”  “Everything, even the kitchen sink.”  They all laughed at that.  The night passed quickly, and soon they were rushing to the airport.  They boarded their plane at twelve o’clock.




Myra squeezed into the seat next to Zak.  She didn’t have much to do.  She pulled out her notebook and began sketching, before getting bored and engaging in a fascinating conversation with Zak about cows in India.  When that conversation drew to a close, she decided to look out the window.  It seemed like forever before she spotted Japan.  “Look,” she whispered, shaking Zak, who was asleep, “We’re nearly there!”  She squealed like a five year old who had just woken up on her birthday.  When they touched down at Tokyo Airport, she heard Kelly breathe a sigh of relief.  “Finally.  Planes give me the creeps.”  The first place they went to was currency exchange.  Then it was the gift shop, where Myra bought an English-Japanese dictionary.  It wasn’t long after that, when Myra bumped into a girl selling newspapers.  Myra grabbed her English-Japanese dictionary and flicked through the pages barely reading the translations and said, “Mōshiwakearimasenga watashi wa anata no pantsu o tabete imasu.”  Zak and the girl burst out laughing.  The girl was Japanese, with brown eyes and black hair.  There was an eagerness in her eyes that suggested that she wasn’t easily knocked back.  Myra frowned.  “What’s so funny?”  “You just said ‘I’m sorry I ate your pants’ in Japanese!”  Zak and the girl replied in unison.  “What she means to say was “Sumimasen.”  explained Zak.  “That’s okay.  I’m Akiko.”  said the peculiar girl, bowing from her shoulders.  “I can’t help but notice that you don’t have any parents or guardians with you.”  She smiled sympathetically.  “Neither do you.”  said Zack coolly.  Akiko’s eyes grew bitter with sadness.  “My mother and father died when I was just four.  No one wanted me.  So I live in an apartment.  I sell newspapers to pay rent.”  Myra and

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