Soul-Dancer (Page 7)

to help you.  Dismissed.”  he said, without even looking at them.  Most of them had all done this sort of thing before, but Fraya was fairly new to the Agency, and she hadn’t had a mission as big as this before.  She gaped at the masked man in front of her, until Myra pulled her away to find Gizmo’s Bookshop.  They found Gizmo behind the counter reading Jane Eyre.  The little bell rang as they entered, alerting her to their presence.  Gizmo was fair, with big blue eyes, filled with curiosity, like a child’s.  She was reserved, and a little awkward around other people.  “The Agency told me to be on the look-out for you.  Come with me.”  she said shyly.  They followed her to the little office at the back, and waited calmly as they watched her punch the buttons in.  When she had finished, she gestured proudly.  “My gadgets.”  she said, with an almost motherly love.  Fraya gasped.  Gizmo found the gadget she was looking for soon enough.  She pulled out a small box, filled with watches.  “Here they are.  They look like ordinary watches, but they are actually set to the deadline, which is the seventeenth of December.”  Freya gasped.  “Today’s the sixth of December.  How can we locate and destroy Storm Cloud in just ten days?”  Myra smiled, seeing Gizmo’s instant change when she was around her gadgets.  They walked towards the exit, thanking Gizmo.  “Wait!”  she shouted after them, “I have one more thing.  Your plane tickets.”  Zak took them out of Gizmo’s outstretched hand.

“Sweet.  Do they double up as highly explosive bombs?”



Gizmo waved after them as they left the shop.  Zak handed out the tickets, glaring at his.  Their flight was flight seven-oh-five.  “Our flight leaves tomorrow.  That should be enough time to pack.”  Kelly said, scrutinizing her ticket.  Casually walking home, they discussed where they would stay.  The large house soon appeared and they all rushed to their rooms to pack.  Fraya was the first one packed.  “You three nearly done?”  Myra smiled, “Yep.”  She dumped her

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