Soul-Dancer (Page 6)

look at him.  Myra had to force herself to look him in the eye.  Once again, Myra felt the sharp, jabbing pins in her skull, and remembered that this was one of the other reasons she kept them handy.  She aimed and threw all three.  One hit him in the knee, another skimmed passed his face, and the last, went straight into his eye, killing him instantly.  The ugly guard fell to his knees, then face-flat on the ground, dead.  Myra stiffened.  She had just killed a man.  It wasn’t a good feeling.  She soon regained her composure and picked up her hairpins.  “How rude of me.  I forgot to introduce myself.”




Fraya smelt the food cooking in the microwave.  She came out of the room she had all to herself, and saw Myra standing there talking to Zak, who was smiling and leaning against the kitchen bench.  Fraya had spent the remainder of the daylight hours nibbling on the small desk in her room, since she didn’t have fingernails to chew.  Kelly was serving the food on four plates, one for each of them.  “Hey, I’ve been saving these for an emergency, but I think, right now, we all need one.”  Myra said, passing each of them a can of coke to go with their meal.  They had just started eating when Myra’s phone beeped.  Another text message.



Meet at headquarters immediately.

Your service is required.


They all grabbed their jackets and ran to headquarters as fast as they could.  An emergency mission only meant one thing.  They were expected to drop everything and go.  When they arrived, they were met immediately by the leader of Agency A.  He was masked, but Myra knew that didn’t matter.  “There’s a dangerous weapon located somewhere in Tokyo, Japan.  It’s name is Storm Cloud.  Your mission is to find and destroy it.  Go to Gizmo.  She has something

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