Soul-Dancer (Page 5)

She heard the lock click.  Locked.  Myra felt several sharp pins jabbing into her head.  Her hairpins.  Myra hated wearing hairpins, but they were the perfect weapon and escape route.  She carefully placed one into the lock, and twisted.  The problem with hairpins was, it took a while to pick the lock, but, sure enough, the ever loyal hairpins came through.  As she walked casually through the halls, she began to feel uneasy.  There weren’t any agents.  She saw the exit: a sliding door, unguarded.  Just as she stepped out in front of it, she was met by ugliness.




Myra’s house was in a state of peril since Myra disappeared.  No one knew what to do.  Zak was in sunk deep in depression.  He had just been reunited with his water counter-part, and now she mysteriously disappears.  Fraya, who was always around Myra, didn’t know what to do without her.  She had already chewed all of her nails off.  Kelly was ranting all over the house in frustration.  “I can’t believe we lost the Watersoul!  I mean, how can you lose a person?”  No one answered.  Everyone was too worried to do anything.  “We can’t do anything about it.  We’ll just have to stay put and hope she comes back on her own.”  “She’s not an animal!  What do you want us to do about it?  Put lost signs up all over the neighbourhood and hope someone finds her?”  cried Zak.  “You’re right.  I wish we could help her, but we don’t even know where she is, Zak is too caught up in himself, and you’re both too dependent on her, you can’t do a thing without her.”  Fraya opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish.  “Right, now that’s cleared up, I suggest we have some dinner.”  said Kelly optimistically.



The man in front of her growled.  There was nothing pretty about him.  With his close-set green eyes, weathered, mottled face, wrinkles, and distorted upper lip, he looked like a toad gone wrong.  It almost hurt to

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