Soul-Dancer (Page 49)

there in person to help you.  I love you.  Try to think of this as my final act of love.

Goodbye forever,


He glanced once again at the scrap of paper sadly, remembering her last words to him: “I’m so sorry Zak.”  He knew he had to leave her behind, just as she had done to him.  “Goodbye Myra.”  he whispered as he left the apartment, for a new life.



A few months later, Fraya, Akiko and Pudding sat in Starbucks drinking coffee and chatting about general things like groceries and the guys walking down the street.  Akiko lightly mentioned Storm Cloud and Fraya fell silent.  Akiko knew that Fraya blame herself for losing Kelly, Myra and Zak.  “They’re gone.  They aren’t our responsibility anymore.”  Fraya said, quietly, but firmly.  Akiko agreed and skimmed past the topic.  “I was thinking about getting a job at McDonalds to support us.  What do you think?”  she asked.  “I think I will too.”  replied Fraya.  Pudding barked and they both laughed.  Fraya, though blind, had become a valuable asset to their daily lives.  Perhaps it was the pain of losing three of her friends, leaving her with nothing.  Maybe she was just tired of going nowhere but backwards.  “Even if they aren’t here, life goes on.”  Akiko could sense the sad wisdom in her voice.  They would make do on their own.  They had to.  Akiko raised her mug of coffee.  “To a life free of espionage!”  Fraya agreed, and raised her own white mug.  “To a life free of espionage.”

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