Soul-Dancer (Page 47)

by her side.  Kelly’s face contorted with fear and rage, making her usually beautiful face a mask of horror.  When Myra was done, all that was left of Kelly were coal black ashes.  Myra, with tears stinging her brilliant blue eyes powered on.  Soon, she could see Fraya waving franticly by the pier.  In one hand, she held two wetsuits, one for her, and one for Myra.  “I’m so sorry, Zak.”  she sobbed, kissing him as she got ready to jump.  She gripped Fraya’s hand, and dived, leaving him standing there on the pier confused and disorientated.




Myra plummeted into the deep blue.  She saw Fraya swimming swiftly in the direction Storm Cloud was supposed to be.  Myra followed, swimming so fast, she left a slight trail, and caught up with her almost instantly.  Myra searched and felt all around the rock formations, not coming up with anything out of the ordinary.  They only had a few minutes left.  Japan was doomed.  She heard a shriek of victory coming from Fraya, who was a few metres away.  She had found Storm Cloud.

If the water would have allowed it, Myra would have cried as she performed the dance of Sion.  The dance that meant her certain death.  She felt an explosion beneath her, propelling her up, out of the water, but she was barely conscious.  The dance took its toll on Storm Cloud, and on her body, as a wave of exhaustion passed through her body.  The elaborate dance of life was over for her.  The last few moments of her life played in slow motion.  No more thoughts.  No more feelings.  She just felt empty.  Regretful that she had chosen to become an agent rather than live an almost ordinary life.  She closed her eyes and mouthed her final words.  “I’m so sorry, Zak.”




Zak closed his eyes, waiting for death to come and swallow him.  When it didn’t, he celebrated.  Until he

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