Soul-Dancer (Page 46)

wasn’t enough time for that anyway.  they just had a little less than an hour.  A loud shrill beeping sound, different than the one before, emanated from the computer, interrupting their private thoughts.  They rushed to the computer, trying to gather their tirades of thoughts.  Myra was the first to speak.  “Storm Cloud has been located!  It’s in… the main waterways.  By the pier.”  Myra absent-mindedly grabbed her jacket, though it wasn’t cold outside.  “What are you waiting for?  Grab your stuff and lets go!”  They all complied with Myra’s idea and Fraya volunteered to grab the scuba gear.



Kelly’s watch beeped.  Storm Cloud had been located.  The Director would reward her with many riches.  The idiots didn’t stand a chance.  Great.  She smiled.  Now all that was left to do was wait to annihilate Myra and Zak.  Fraya and Akiko were not a problem or a threat.  She moved deftly into position.




Myra and Zak were only five minutes away from the pier when they found their path blocked by Kelly.  She was standing by the only exit.  Myra smiled, happy to see her friend.  “Hey!  Kelly, we’ve located Storm Cloud!  We’re going to destroy it now!”  Myra’s smile faded when she saw Kelly’s smile.  Unfriendly and laced with malice.  “You’ve finally made it.  You two are pretty good, but too bad your reign of victory has come to an end.”  Kelly said, leaning against the dirty brick wall.  “Kelly, what are you talking about?”  asked Myra, generally confused.  Kelly laughed harshly.  “I can’t believe you haven’t realised yet.  I’m going to kill you.”  Tears scattered down Myra’s face as her voice contorted with sadness.  “I thought you were my friend.”  she managed to choke out.  “Your friend?  How dumb can you be?  You were never my friend.  I’ve always hated you.  And now I will finally exact my revenge.”  If Kelly really wasn’t Myra’s friend, then Myra knew what she had to do.  She danced, with Zak

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