Soul-Dancer (Page 45)

His eyes widened and Myra nodded.  “We’ve got company.”




Once again, Myra woke to the smell of pancakes, but was too pressured to eat them.  Akiko knew the danger, and trying to lighten the mood, she plastered on a smile and performed the ordinary but necessary tasks.  Despite her seemingly elated mood, inside she had given up.  No-one dared to venture outside except Kelly, it seemed.  “Where’s Kelly?”  Myra ventured, curious.  Zak rolled his eyes.  By now, all of them knew how much he resented Kelly.  “She went for a walk.  “To clear her head”, she said.”  he replied.  It was clear that Zak didn’t believe her.  The hours flew by, and they were getting desperate.  Myra paced up and down the apartment, driving the others insane with suspense.  She didn’t have anything better to do, so she just kept pacing.  When she returned to the couch, even it seemed deflated.  A note fluttered by and she grabbed it out of the air.  The note was on scrap paper,  and was written in a cartoon-like hand that she  remembered to be Zak’s.


Your very existence makes me smile,

Each and every day,

Even for a little while,

In almost every way.

I couldn’t live without you,

And your cheerful smile so free,

Because a life without you,

Would be so very empty.




Myra cried long, hard sobs.  She grabbed her notebook and scribbled a few words down.  Her last words to Zak.  They weren’t anything special, but there

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