Soul-Dancer (Page 44)

By morning, their celebratory mood had dissipated, and they remembered their inevitable deadline.  Tomorrow.  The word echoed through all their minds.  Myra, Zak, Kelly, Akiko, and Fraya all sat in accepting silence, lost.




“Good job.  Unlike the stupid coder.”  said the man.  The small, wraithlike woman faced her masked leader.  “How should I dispose of them?”  she asked calmly.  Agency N’s Director was losing his temper.  “I don’t care.”  he said, as evenly as he could, “Just get rid of them.”  The woman smiled a humourless smile.  “Then I will employ the dirtiest tactic of all.”  she laughed harshly.  “When do I start?”  The man standing opposite her regained his composure.  “Let them find Storm Cloud.  Let them think they have won.”  They stood there for a while in an awkward silence.  “You are dismissed, Arym.”  the Director finally said.




Myra screamed in agony.  Pudding lifted a paw and placed it on her lap.  Her left cheek, the one with the birthmark on it, burned.  Myra removed Pudding’s paw from her lap and went to the bathroom to check her face in the mirror.  What she saw shocked her.  Just above the birthmark, a new picture, in the shape of a swirl, had been burned into her skin somehow.  It was only a small thing, but it was enough.  She got the message.  She had company.  Over lunch, Zak noticed the small change with wary eyes, but did not mention it.  However long Myra’s hair was, it could not mask the inflamed red skin, or the new picture, burning fiery blue.  The others also noted this, but did not say anything.  The night passed, yet the computer still hadn’t located Storm Cloud.  Zak sat bolt upright in his bed.  His skin looked alabaster pale in the silvery moonlight.  He gingerly touched a finger to the angry red mark on Myra’s cheek, as if he was afraid her face would fall off.  A sudden shock jolted him wide awake.  

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