Soul-Dancer (Page 42)

some water into the part of the bowl designated for water.  Kelly’s stomach grumbled and Myra went outside with Pudding, the dog shampoo and the kiddy pool to wash her.  “Watching that dog eat is making me hungry.  Who’s up for dinner?”  she said as she began to raid the fridge for food.  Her face distorted into a mask of disgust when she realised that there was nothing edible in there.  “Ugh… I think I’ve changed my mind.  Can we just order a pizza instead?”  Zak looked up from the piece of paper for the first time since Myra walked inside.  “Sure.  I could go for a pizza right now.”  Kelly looked round at the others, who each nodded in turn.  Even Pudding barked.  “Great.  So what’ll it be?”




So about an hour later, they all–including Akiko–sat on the dusty couch eating pizza and feeding the crusts to Pudding.  “She’s eaten so much that if she eats any more she’ll explode!”  joked Myra.  “Should we test it?”  asked Zak, feeding her another crust.  They all laughed.  Perhaps it was because they found it funny.  Perhaps it was just because there was nothing left to laugh about.  Time was running out, and Myra felt that if she didn’t laugh, she would cry.  Perhaps the others felt that too.  “It all seems so unreal that Storm Cloud is set to destroy Japan in three days, four hours, and thirty minutes left.  There was a sudden silence.  No-one wanted to be reminded of their doomed mission.  The computer made yet another beeping noise, breaking the still air surrounding them.  Zak hurried to the computer and started tapping in codes.  The other four crowded around like chicks around a mother hen.  “Someone is trying to hack into the system,” explained Zak, “it’s a matter of who can outwit the other.”  Akiko moaned.  “How come all this happens to my computer?  Surely it will break down soon!”  Fraya patted Akiko on the back reassuringly, and they all fell silent, the tension in the air rising.  Even the birds had stopped singing.  The only sounds Myra could hear were the click-clack of the keyboard and every now

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