Soul-Dancer (Page 41)

Pudding wandered out to the veranda to watch Myra dance.  Myra finished dancing and plopped down beside Pudding.  She cried into her silky soft fur, little white streams running down the dog’s back.  Pudding’s tongue tickled her leg.  She delicately laid her head down on Myra’s lap as if she was afraid the girl would break.  Still, Myra cried.  She cried until she ran out of tears to cry.  “Sometimes I feel like if I get down, I might never get back up.”  she whispered to Pudding, “You understand, don’t you?  Everyone always says dogs can’t understand anything we say, but perhaps it’s just the people who don’t understand.  I think dogs have a deeper understanding than humans.”  She wiped the tears from her eyes and stepped back inside.  Zak was at the computer, writing on a scrap of paper.  Akiko was nowhere to be seen, so she must have been in her room.  Trying to sound cheerful,  she went over to him and said, “Watcha doing?”  Zak looked uncomfortable.  He looked up from his small scrap of paper.  “Just… writing some things down.”  he replied hesitantly.  Zak was acting more reserved than usual.  Myra frowned.  A long session of time passed as Myra watched Zak scribbling things onto his scrap of paper.  Kelly and Fraya burst through the door carrying bags full of dog supplies.  They were both out of breath, panting and wheezing.  “Okay, we’ve got a collar, ten cans of dog food, a double-sided dog bowl, dog shampoo, one of those little shell pools to bathe her in, a leash, some dog treats, a dog tag, and a build-it-yourself dog house.”  said Fraya breathlessly.  “When will we get time to build a dog house?”  criticized Myra.  “That‘s what I said!”  cried Kelly.  “Well, even a dog needs a house.  And besides, it’s cute!”  replied Fraya indignantly, setting the bags down.  Pudding could smell the food and started whining.  Myra grabbed a can of food from the dog supplies, found a can opener and a spoon in a drawer and dished out the canned dog food into the dog bowl.  Pudding rushed over, and started licking the bowl before Myra had even finished spooning out the dog food.  When Pudding took a break from the food, Myra quickly, but carefully poured

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