Soul-Dancer (Page 40)

this, whatever the reason.”  he said, sounding angry.  Myra agreed with him.  It was cruel.  Myra gently lifted her into her arms, making soothing noises with her tongue.  “We could take her back to Akiko’s apartment, and if she’s not allowed pets, we’ll just look for a home for her.”  suggested Myra.  Zak nodded slowly and followed her outside.  The sun was already setting when they headed towards their temporary home.  The wind danced around, playing with Myra’s long ivory hair, before dancing off again to ruffle up some grass.  Zak looked distracted.  The dog barked indignantly and Myra set her down, watching as she trotted after her.  The dog had a new mistress.  When Akiko saw what walked through the door behind them, her face grew hard.  “No,” she said, “No.  That dog can’t stay here.  I–”  Kelly cut Akiko off.  “Oh come on.  I think he’s cute.”  “She.”  corrected Myra.  “I mean, I think she’s cute.  Are you allowed dogs?”  Kelly started to interrogate Akiko.  Akiko gulped.  “Yes.”  “Are you allergic to dogs?”  “No, but I am afraid of them.”  Kelly couldn’t believe her ears.  “Afraid of her?  But she’s so tiny!”  “Doesn’t stop her from biting me.”  Myra got down on her knees and clasped her hands together.  “I’m not about to make a habit out of begging, but please, please, please, please let her stay!”  she begged.  She kept pleading until Akiko gave in.  “Fine.  She can stay.  But you can buy all the dog stuff.  Where did you find her anyway?”  Myra opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish, trying to find the right words to thank her.  At last, Zak explained everything.  “Poor Pudding.  She was left all alone with nobody to care for her.”  finished Myra.  Akiko, Zak, Kelly and Fraya looked at her in confusion.  “Pudding?”  they said altogether.  “Yeah, Pudding.  That’s what I named her.  Which reminds me, she must be starving.  Do you have any dog food?”  Akiko shook her head.  Fraya stood up.  “I’ll buy some!”  she volunteered, turning to leave.  To Myra’s surprise, Kelly went with her.  Myra went outside to dance, while Zak checked the status on the computer.  She heard him mutter something about how the program had re-installed successfully.  He tapped in the code for Storm Cloud.

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