Soul-Dancer (Page 39)

tried to remove the boards.  Minutes later, she gave up, panting.  Zak gestured for her to move out of the way.  He moved backwards slowly, then ran up as fast as he could, kicking the doors, making them swing inwards.  “Well that made it easier.”  admonished Myra.  After that little tirade of his, Myra pestered him with questions, like “Where’d you learn that?”  or, “Did it hurt?”  Zak was quiet for a minute.  “Zak are you okay?”  Zak put a finger to his lips.  “Shhh… did you hear that?”  Myra listened.  “Sounds like something yelping… kind of like a dog.”  she replied.  The continuous yelping turned into howling, echoing off the old, crumbling walls.  They followed the sound deep into the library with their torches, curiosity winning over fear.  “I’ll search the left side of the library and you can search the right side of the library.”  Zak decided.  Myra just nodded and crept through what she thought was the most sinister part of the library.  She sneaked passed piles of old, rotting books, trying to keep a low profile.  Gliding passed shelves stacked with books, Myra didn’t notice anything unusual; just a few ripped pages and torn covers.  Just as she was about to report back to Zak, the howling turned once again into frantic yelping.  Myra stumbled through the library, knocking over piles of books to where she was almost certain that Zak was.  She was surprised and amazed when she saw what was making the noise and Zak’s perplexed expression.  She gently tried to coax the small dog out of its hiding place.  After about a half hour of coaxing, the dog seemed to figure out that the girl wasn’t going to hurt her and cautiously climbed out of the hole in the wall and trotted over to the girl.  “Here’s a good girl.  Aren’t you beautiful?”  said Myra to the dog, before turning to Zak and adding, “She’s a shitzu.  I wonder how long she’s been living in there?”  Now that the dog was out of the little hole, Myra could see her better.  She had fur so dirty that it was nearly impossible to tell that she was white, thoughtful green eyes and dainty paws.  Zak looked faraway.  “She was probably abandoned at the same time as this library.  It’s because she’s different.  Who’s ever heard of a dog with green eyes?  Dogs should not be treated like

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