Soul-Dancer (Page 38)

Myra awoke to the smell of pancakes cooking and the sound of the pan sizzling.  “Good morning!”  Akiko said brightly when she noticed that Myra had awoken.  “I’m making pancakes.  Want any?”  Myra shook her head.  She had a quick peek at her watch, but Kelly beat her to it.  “Three days, nineteen hours, fifty-six minutes and twenty-two seconds until Storm Cloud destroys Japan and the program hasn’t even loaded halfway.”  Fraya was inspecting her newly polished fingernails, which were already cracked.  Zak, as usual, was on the computer.  Myra picked up her book from the coffee table and tried to read, but she couldn’t concentrate on the story.  She decided then that she needed to do something other than sit there and study her nails.  “Where’s the library?”  she asked Akiko.  Akiko looked concerned.  “The library?  Are you sure?  There’s only one library around here and it’s haunted.  I’ve heard some pretty weird stories.  Things like doors slamming by themselves, weird noises and books flying off their shelves at people.”  She laughed nervously.  “Then it will give me a mystery to solve.  I’ll treat it like a detective case.”  Myra smiled.  “Can you please just tell me where it is?”  Akiko sighed and wrote the directions on a piece of paper, and thrust it at Myra, like it was contaminated.  Myra packed a backpack full of things: a packed lunch, a torch, a jumper, and, as cliched as she knew it was, a magnifying glass.  “Anyone else coming?”  she called from the door.  Everyone shook their heads, except for Zak, who followed her lead and packed the same things.  Zak took charge of the directions, so Myra had no choice but to follow suit.  When they finally arrived at the old abandoned library, Zak shook his head and said, “Nuh uh.  I’m not going in there.  Nice knowing you.”  Myra smiled playfully.  “Oh come on.  It’s not so bad.  If I can go in there, I’m sure you can too.”  she said, sounding braver than she thought.  In fact, she was terrified.  The walls were all falling apart and the doors were boarded up.  There seemed to be an air of mystery and darkness around the place.  This seems like a happy place, she thought, inhaling deeply.  She walked as calmly as she could towards the doors and

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