Soul-Dancer (Page 37)

When they returned to the group, Akiko was trying to show Zak how she built the sandcastle.  Myra burst out laughing as Zak’s first few attempts crumbled into piles of sand.  “Building an ornate sandcastle isn’t as easy as Akiko makes it look.”  he grumbled defensively.  “I accept your challenge.”  Myra said proudly, kneeling down.  She made a large pile of sand in front of her and patted, making it collapse.  This time, it was Zak’s turn to laugh.  “Okay, fine.  Laugh all you want.  I’m not exactly what you would call a master either.”  said Myra, looking back at the pile of sand and laughing.  “Hey, Akiko?”  said Fraya, nervously.  Akiko looked up from the sandcastle she was building.  “Yeah?”  “When all this is over, you can come and live in the house that the agency provided for us.”  Akiko looked hopeful, before politeness came in.  “No.  I’d impose too much on your lives.  Besides, I haven’t got the skills to be an agent.”  “You wouldn’t have to.  I’m sure the agency won’t mind.  And it’s the least we can do, after all you’ve done for us.”  quipped Kelly.  Akiko smiled.  “That would be lovely.”  she said.  A tear trickled down Myra’s face, but she brushed it away before anyone could see it.  As the afternoon rolled on, with everyone looking and feeling happy and free, the five of them felt a strange sort of togetherness that they’d never felt before.  When the sun began to set, Zak said, “It’s getting dark.  Lets call it a day.”  Everyone agreed, satisfied but worn out from their little excursion.  They all walked home.




That night, Zak asked Myra, “Why do you always seem sad?”  But Myra was already asleep.  Supposedly.  She pulled her blanket right up to her chin and sobbed.  She wondered why it hurt more when the tears didn’t come.  Soon, the foggy darkness of sleep clamped down on Myra.  The night was completely deprived of dreams.



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