Soul-Dancer (Page 36)

her.  Her mother sent her to Agency A so she could escape, and maybe, just maybe, be happier.  Kelly didn’t see it that way, though.  She saw it like her mother abandoned her.  She tried to cover it up with a smile, but she just became colder and more reserved.  She thought it was despicable that her mother had left her to fend for herself.  It was then she learnt that laughter was not only the best medicine, but it was also the best disguise.  She figured that the only person she could really trust was herself.  Myra felt truly sorry for her.  She would never truly be able to experience love.  “It serves him right.”  said Kelly bitterly, through gritted teeth, snapping Myra back to reality.  Myra put her arm around Kelly’s shoulders, and hugged her tight.  Kelly could feel the knife up her sleeve, and considered killing Myra right there and then, but decided against it.  It was too obvious.  If the others found Myra in her arms with a knife in her chest, they would immediately become suspicious.  Besides, they weren’t the Director’s orders…yet.  A plan formed in Kelly’s mind.  “You know, Zak really likes you.  I’ve seen the way he looks at you.  It’s too bad, really.  He knows that he’ll have to kill you.  He still works for the enemy.  Didn’t you find it suspicious at all that he appeared in that cave and suddenly wanted to re-join Agency A?”  she said to Myra.  Myra shook her head in disbelief.  “No.  He can’t be.  He hates Agency N!  You must be lying!”  she whispered, not wanting to believe her.  A little part of her mind did think that it was a little suspicious.  “He likes you a lot.  It’s as if just being near you makes him happy.  Maybe you can talk him out of it.”  added Kelly.  Myra looked uncomfortable.  “We should get back to the others before they call the police and file a missing persons report.”  said Myra.  Myra ran off towards them, then stopped, realising that Kelly hadn’t followed.  She spun round, to see Kelly waving and following at a leisurely pace.




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