Soul-Dancer (Page 34)

stumbling far behind her.  By the time Zak got to where Freya and Akiko were sitting, Myra was already eating a ham and cheese sandwich.  “Here.”  she said, tossing him one with ham, cheese and tomato on it.  “Thanks.  I’m starving.”  puffed Zak, catching it with one hand.  Myra, Zak, Kelly, Fraya and Akiko chatted about the tourist attractions they wanted to visit in Japan, after they defeated Storm Cloud.  “I’ve always wanted to go to Kyoto and see the Golden Pagoda.”  whispered Myra wistfully.  “Do you three know what a pagoda is?”  asked Akiko, addressing Fraya, Kelly and Zak.  “Ummm.. yes… uh no.”  they replied in unison.  Akiko laughed.  “Pagodas were temples or sacred places in Japan, but now they’re just tourist attractions.”  said Myra.  “Exactly.”  said Akiko.  Zak thought on this for a while.  “Definitely Disneyland.”  he announced.  Kelly frowned.  “Why would you want to go there?”  “Because it has roller coasters and good rides there.”  Zak said slowly, as if she was stupid.  “Roller coasters and rides don’t have any cultural meaning.”  she replied, wrinkling her nose in disgust.  “Well it’s better than your idea of fun!  Lying there sun baking in the middle of a volleyball court!  Sun baking never helped anyone.”  Fraya argued.  Kelly pouted.  She looked and sounded like a spoilt child.  “But my skin is as white as snow.”  she complained.  “Oh, I’m Kelly and I can’t get the perfect tan, even though my body is so tanned I look like an orange, but I think I’ll take it out on everybody else anyway.”  teased Fraya.  Kelly felt like slapping her then.  Her eyes glowed a shade of brown so intense, they were almost red.  As soon as she lifted a hand to try, Myra grabbed it.  “No.”  she said sternly, as if she was talking to a small child.  Kelly got the message.  She stormed off angrily, throwing a backwards look in Fraya’s direction.  Fraya stuck out her tongue and smiled.  Akiko sighed.  “It’s as if we’re dealing with a pair of two-year-olds.”  Myra nodded sympathetically.  “I agree.  Two-year-olds who push and shove and are perfectly capable of killing each other.”  confirmed Myra.  Akiko laughed.  Fraya pushed Myra, in an obvious and failed attempt to knock her over, making them laugh more.  Akiko

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