Soul-Dancer (Page 33)

They splashed each other all the way back to the beach, before collapsing into a fit of giggles.  When they finally got back on their feet, they noticed that Akiko was holding a volleyball.  “I’ve got the lunch cooking on the barbecue.  How about a game of beach volleyball while we’re waiting?”  Myra, Zak and Fraya looked at each other and smiled.  “Two on two?”  asked Myra.  Akiko nodded, and they reached the net.  Kelly was still sun baking.  “Kelly?”  Myra approached Kelly carefully.  “Yeah?”

“Do you want to play?”

“No.  I think I’ll just lie here.”



“But you’re lying right in the middle of the court!”

“So?  Do I really care?”

Zak rolled his eyes and the four of them decided to organise the teams.  Five minutes later, they settled with Myra and Zak against Fraya and Akiko.  The game was tough for both teams because they were all so good at volleyball.  Kelly constantly got in the way, and every now and then, a tourist would wander across the court.  After both teams scoring one point after another, Akiko and Fraya finally won, with twenty-one to sixteen.  Myra congratulated Akiko and Freya, her blind friend.  “How did you learn to play so well?”  “It’s not hard.  Just follow your senses.”  answered Fraya, “You two are pretty good.”  “Not as good as you.  Close game.”  countered Zak, “You know what?  I think you deserve a nice, cool drink of water!”  he said, tipping his water bottle over Fraya’s head.  Myra reacted instantly and forced the water back at him, pushing him back into the ocean.  Zak cried out and outstretched a hand so they could help him up.  Myra grabbed it and squealed when he pulled her in too.  She landed on top of him, waves washing over them and giggled.  “Hey lovebirds,” joked Akiko, “Are you going to eat with us, or can we start eating without you?”  Myra and Zak simultaneously stood up.  “Race you to the beach.”  said Zak.  Myra smiled.  “And… GO!”  she shouted, running as fast as she could.  “Hey, no fair.  I wasn’t ready.”  grumbled Zak,

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