Soul-Dancer (Page 32)

for them, while Myra packed the beach bags, and Kelly found some towels in the cupboard.  Zak searched a directory to find the nearest beach, and Fraya just sat around painting her nails, and getting dressed in her bikini.  Myra got out her purse and asked Zak where the beach was.  “Just around the corner.  It isn’t very far from here.”  he replied.  Everyone was excited as they filed out the door.  Except for one thing.  Kelly had stayed back.




The Director smiled as six images filled the computer screen in front of him.  Kelly smiled into one of the six cameras she had carefully placed in Akiko’s apartment and made a ‘V’ with her fingers.  She had infiltrated the girl’s apartment.  There were only four days, four hours, fifty-two minutes and fifty seconds left until Storm Cloud destroyed Japan.  This time, he thought, the bad guys will win.


When they got to the beach, Kelly lay down and started sun baking, while the others went for a swim in the ocean.  “Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that Kelly is sun baking on the beach instead of swimming in the ocean with us?  It’s like she and Fraya swapped personalities.”  Myra whispered to Zak as they jumped over yet another wave.  Zak just shrugged and said, “Who cares?  I know I’d prefer Kelly way, way over there, rather than over here.”  Zak’s words contained a harshness that Myra would never be able to encompass.  In an attempt to lighten the mood, Akiko said, “Don’t worry about that.  We’re at the beach, remember?”  Akiko then muttered something about preparing lunch and waded off towards the shore.  Zak, laughing, splashed both Fraya and Myra with a massive spurt of water, making them giggle.  Myra retaliated by sending an even bigger spurt towards him, knocking him underneath the waves.  Moments later, they saw Akiko waving them back to the shore.

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