Soul-Dancer (Page 31)

can.  Myra moaned in agreement, too comfortable to answer properly.  She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.  What seemed like moments later must have been hours because when she woke, it was light outside.  Astonishingly enough, Fraya was painting her nails.  As if she felt her stare on her back, Fraya turned and said, “I found this in your bag.  I didn’t think you’d mind.”  Myra shrugged.  “No, not at all.  Go right ahead.”  Myra had only brought it with her because Fraya had pressured her into bringing it.  Make-up on missions was pointless because it wasted time and space.  When Myra had finally given in to Fraya’s desperate pleads, Fraya gave a little squeal, making Myra roll her eyes.  It was Fraya’s idea to buy the nail polish too.  Fraya as usual had her earphones in and was listening to her own I-pod, with the music blaring on full volume.  Myra didn’t even know how she could her her.  Kelly and Zak were reading and seemed oblivious to the world, while Akiko was happily flipping eggs in the kitchen.  Everyone was occupied.  Somehow, the air seemed stale to Myra.  She grabbed her sketchbook and rushed outside.  She slid down the graffitied brick wall and dropped the sketchbook, opening to the drawing she had drawn the night before.  She ran to the door, excitedly, remembering the plan she had for that day.  She walked calmly to her make-shift bed on the couch, dropping her sketchbook and pencil into her bag.  “Today we can all go to the beach.”  she said, rummaging through her bag and pulling out her swimsuit.  They all turned around in surprise.  Zak’s eyebrows shot up.  “The beach?  We can’t afford to waste any more time.  Why would we go to the beach?”  Myra gulped, thinking through her words very carefully.  “That’s exactly why.  To waste time.  It will take days to re-install that program.  You said so yourself.  So why do we all have to sit around doing nothing?”  “That’s a great idea!”  squealed Kelly, “It will totally take our minds off this stupid Storm Cloud thing.”  Akiko, Zak and Fraya agreed, and they all went off, packing bags that they would take to the beach.  Everyone seemed to have a job to do.  Akiko made lunch and some special treats

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