Soul-Dancer (Page 30)

she was about to erupt, just like a volcano.  Moments later, she heard an shrill scream.  The scream was so loud and so high-pitched, the world around them seemed to rattle.  It pierced the cool evening breeze, forcing birds to squawk in discomfort.  Even after she had finished, the noise still assaulted their ears.  “Thanks.  Sometimes I really do need to let it out.  I feel much better now.”  said Akiko, panting.  She smiled, for real this time.  Myra could tell because the smile reached her eyes and stayed there, a warm sensation spreading through her body.  Tears glistened freshly on her lashes, though happy, and fell.  Myra had given her something that she could never achieve on her own.  She made her happy.  “That’s great!  You can use this uhh… therapy, whenever you feel like you’re about to explode.”  beamed Myra.  Zak was reading over at the computer.  “Any luck with the installation?”  Myra asked, walking over to him.  Zak grunted in discontent.  “The program has installed about three bars.”  Myra rummaged through her bags until she found her I-pod and a notepad.  All she wanted at that time was to just be left alone and draw.  Drawing always made her feel so happy and so relaxed.  Though she was quite good at drawing, nobody knew because for her, drawing was just a quiet pastime.  She drew until the smooth strokes formed a beach with a sketch of Zak on it, children playing in the sand and teenagers playing volleyball.  When she had finished, the picture gave her an idea.  Tomorrow, they could all go to the beach.  She looked at her watch.  It was late, nearly nine thirty.  Where did the time go?  Zak was lying next to her, and the others were already asleep.  “I’m sorry.”  he murmured.  Myra rolled over and tried to say, “That’s okay.  It wasn’t your fault,” but it was barely audible because it was muffled by the couch.  Fraya slapped her pillow, as if it would make it more comfortable and cried, “Just shut up you two.  I’m trying to get to sleep!  It’s time you did too.”  Fraya did have a point.  They were up in the middle of the night talking about what had happened earlier in the day.  “I guess we can talk about this in the morning.”  said Zak, putting emphasis on the word

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