Soul-Dancer (Page 29)

already dried, staining her face.  She followed Zak back to the small apartment that Akiko owned, making sure she kept a few paces behind him.  Myra figured that Zak might get agitated that she had followed him.  The walk felt like it lasted forever and as Akiko’s block of apartments appeared, Myra felt instantly relieved.  She jogged up the flight of stairs, ahead of Zak.  She finally reached the apartment right at the top, which was Akiko’s.  Myra plonked herself down on the sofa, exhausted by the day’s activities.  There seemed to be something sinister in the air, emanating from Kelly, Fraya and Akiko, like some sort of dark secret they had shared.  Maybe they knew why Myra mysteriously ran off.  Zak must have sensed it too, because when he walked in, he glared suspiciously at each of them in turn.  He glared at Kelly the longest.  “What?”  she protested.  Zak looked away awkwardly.  “Nothing.  I just don’t trust you.”  Kelly glowered back at him.  Myra was simply too stunned by what Zak had said to speak.  Perhaps, she thought, he’s still suspicious of her because he heard the phone ring at four o’clock in the morning.  Kelly just looked frustrated and angry, whereas Fraya looked bored as usual and Akiko just smiled, but Myra could see through that.  Somewhere beneath that fake smile, she was hurting and seething and hating inside.  “You don’t have to hide it, you know.”  said Myra softly.  Akiko was baffled.  “You don’t have to keep it bottled up inside you, because then, it begins to build up and up and up, and eventually, you’ll feel as if you’re about to explode.  And then you will.”  elaborated Myra.  Akiko looked at her, not quite knowing what to say.  After a long silence, she spoke up.  “You’re right.  I do need to just let it out.  Right now, I just feel like screaming.  It really helps sometimes.”  Myra knew what she meant.  Screaming often did help.  When things got too hard on her, she would escape to a place where nobody would know where she was and just scream for what could’ve been hours.  “Then scream.  If it helps.  You need to let people know what you’re feeling.”  Akiko shot Myra an appreciative glance, before heading to the veranda to let out the feelings bubbling inside her.  Myra knew

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