Soul-Dancer (Page 28)

was five to one, in the end, he just collapsed.  Myra stepped in and spun around, sending a spurt of water, knocking all five agents off their feet.  Before they could react, she executed a perfect round-house kick, hitting each of them in the temple, killing them.  She dragged Zak’s body away from the spot where the five agents died a virtually painless, bloodless death.  She couldn’t drag him any further.  She collapsed onto the ground and placed his head in her lap.  Eyes closed and unmoving, Zak could be as good as dead.  Tears streamed down her face, when she saw the steady rise and fall of his chest cease.  Through desperate sobs, she gasped for air.  The atmosphere around her was suffocating.  Her warm, salty tears landed on Zak’s cheek, and she kissed him one last time.  All the hope she had left was now shattered and broken.  It took all of Myra’s strength to look at his face.  She was glad she did.  Her eyes widened as if she had just witnessed a miracle.  His eyes fluttered open and something of a smile played across his face.  “I can’t believe you found me.  You must have a GPS system in your head!”  he said quietly in a weak attempt at humour.  “I thought you had died.”  sobbed Myra.  Zak stroked her hair comfortingly, his gaze distant.  “When you stopped breathing, I felt so guilty,” she confessed, “I felt as if I should have gone and searched for help, but I was just too scared.”  Myra wished she could tell him how much she wished it was a bad dream, that she would wake up and find him sleeping steadily on the bed next to the couch, but she didn’t, she just wept with relief.  She desperately hoped that there was another way to defeat Storm Cloud.  If there wasn’t, Zak might end up like she had been; desperate, and alone.  She quivered at the thought.  She didn’t want Zak to experience the same pain that she had been through.  They stayed there, Myra’s head resting on Zak’s shoulder, Zak’s arm encircling her, until Zak stood up and gently pushed her away from him.  “We should go.  Kelly, Akiko and Fraya will start getting worried.”  he said, already heading in the direction of their home for the next five days.  Myra forced a hand to her face to wipe away her tears, but they had

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