Soul-Dancer (Page 27)

a walk as soon as he clicked install on the computer.  Myra had offered to go with him, but he brushed her aside, saying that he needed some time alone to think.  Myra sighed.  What was with him and his crazy claims that Kelly was the traitor?  Myra stared openly at Fraya.  She had looked so worried when Zak fainted.  Not sure what to do, she turned to Kelly, careful to sound neutral.  “You’ve been acting really weird lately.  Do you think it could be the stress of our current situation?”  Kelly flinched.  “No I haven’t.  You’re the one asking all these stupid questions!”  she shot back.  Myra sat down on the couch, opening up her notebook and picking up her pencil, before putting them down onto her lap.  Fraya took an earphone out.  “Would you shut up?  I can’t hear my music!”  she groaned, startling them both.  Kelly looked sullenly back at the book and soon became engrossed in the story.  Myra then remembered the book resting open on her lap.  When she picked up her pencil again, her birthmark throbbed against her cheek, and a noise like a police siren blared in her head.  This could only mean one thing.  She had to get to Zak.  Myra soon lost interest in drawing, and burst out of the apartment.  Akiko looked up from the piece of paper sitting in front of her in confusion.  Myra ignored her.  In her mind’s eye, she saw Zak’s exact location.  He was a few thousand metres away.  Desperately, she broke into a sprint.  Tears pricked her eyes.  How had he got that far?  What if I’m too late?  What if– no.  She would not think of that.  After running for what felt like days, she finally stopped, breathless.  Myra closed her eyes and the map in her mind became clearer, more refined.  She was heading the right way, but Zak had moved.  He was still moving.  Which meant he was still alive.  Just stay there, she thought, don’t move from that spot.  I’m coming.  She ran as fast as she could, pushing herself to her limits and far beyond.  She promised herself that she would run until she found him, no matter how far away he was.  Moments later, she heard a strangled cry ahead of her.  It was Zak.  He was surrounded by several masked agents, probably from Agency N.  Zak tried to fend off their attacks, but, as it 

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