Soul-Dancer (Page 26)

When Zak woke, he was surprised to see Freya rushing to his side.  Freya rarely showed favouritism.  She hated everyone equally.  “Zak?  Are you okay?  What happened?”  she gabbled.  Zak sat up on his make-shift bed on the floor.  His eyes spun round the room searching for the computer, whilst trying to think of a way to explain what had happened.  “The traitor,” he said at last, “They’ve really done it this time.  The traitor, whoever it is, has uninstalled the program I need to locate Storm Cloud.  It’ll take nearly all the time we have left to re-download.  Clever idiot.  Whoever it is will still be in Japan when Storm Cloud destroys it.”  He stood up, and stumbled shakily to the computer.  He sat down.  Click.  Click.  “There.  Now we wait.”




The Director smiled to himself.  Kelly had really done it this time.  He was definitely going to give her a raise.  Right before he killed her.  He had spies everywhere in the girl’s apartment, one positioned carefully at the computer.  He laughed as he looked at the Doomsday Clock on the computer screen.  This was all too perfect!  The clock read:


It was good, he thought, that they were in Japan.  This way, he could kill two birds with one stone, and if Kelly gets out in time, he’ll just send an agent after her.  Everything was fitting into place nicely.



Myra’s throat went dry.  Someone in the room was a traitor.  They had to be.  Zak, although acting strangely, was always on the computer, so he could possibly be.  Kelly was acting slightly suspiciously, and Fraya was kind of emo, so Myra didn’t know what to think of her.  She knew that she wasn’t the traitor, and Akiko only found out a few days ago, so it couldn’t be her, unless that was her disguise.  Her eyes wandered to Zak’s unmade bed on the ground.  He had gone for

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