Soul-Dancer (Page 25)

“She must be the traitor! She pushed me off the veranda!”  exclaimed Zak, accusingly, pointing at Kelly.  Kelly just smiled and batted her eyelashes.  “Me?  A traitor?  That’s ridiculous!”  she said innocently.  “Do you have any proof?”  asked Myra in a measured tone.  “Check her phone,” replied Zak, snatching her phone and scrolling through the recent calls,“It should show a call from a man she called, ‘the Director’, at four o’clock in the morning!”  Finally, he found the call from four A.M.  “See?”  he said, thrusting the phone into Myra’s face.  Myra giggled.  “That’s from the underwear store, telling her that her order of thermal undies has come in!”  she laughed.  “At four A.M. in the morning?”  said Zak incredulously, looking at the phone in his hand.  He frowned.  It did in fact say       that the call was made by an underwear store.  His face turned tomato red.  “But… she pushed me off the veranda!”  Kelly turned towards him, so that only he could see her devious smile.  “Zak, face it.  You don’t have any scratches or bruises.  There was no mysterious phone call from some, ‘Director’.  I couldn’t have pushed you off the veranda.  I’m not strong enough.”  she ridiculed.  “Kelly’s right.  You have no proof.  I’m sorry, I trust you, but this is crazy!  Why would Kelly push you off the veranda and how?  Think!”  Myra’s words stung.  Kelly was clearly disappointed that Zak was still alive, but she couldn’t blow her cover and yell at him for it.  Instead of yelling, as she passed him on her way to the kitchen she whispered, “I would yell at you, for surviving that fall without a mark, but I think we both know that would blow my cover.  Don’t you worry, though.  I’ll make sure that it’s arranged that I kill you.”  She smirked.  Ignoring her comment, he sat down at the computer and stared blankly at the screen.  So, he thought, our little traitor has struck again.  “Zak?”  Zak could hardly make out the word that was his name, let alone who used it.  The world around him became a mixture of colours and shapes.  He went pale, then fainted.




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