Soul-Dancer (Page 24)

software.  She had jeopardized their mission, and no doubt taken out Zak.  There was no way he could have survived that fall.  THe apartment was several floors up.  She hummed quietly as she checked her watch.  “Six days, fifty-nine hours, fifty-two minutes and thirty-two seconds until Storm Cloud’s activation!”  she sang, as she climbed into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin.




Zak didn’t scream.  He didn’t need to.  He danced, mid-air and fire came to soften his fall.  Zak walked to the closest McDonalds for an early morning breakfast, and by the time he got there, it was dawn.  He now knew what the word made of tears meant.  Kelly was the traitor.  The city seemed to be empty at the early hour.  As Zak stared through the glass window, his mind didn’t register anything his eyes saw.  He was deep in his own thoughts about Myra and Kelly.  He started rehearsing how he would uncover the traitor.  Everything fit into place.  The way she acted, the way she called the person on the phone ‘the Director’, and the way she pushed him out the window.  Without meaning to, his thoughts wandered to Myra.  Anyone who didn’t know the truth would think that he and Myra were twins.  It wouldn’t be a bad guess either, they both looked the same, they were born on the same day, both of their mothers were killed when they were born, and their fathers abandoned them, saying they were freaks.  Although they were both newborns when it happened, his mother’s screams still haunt his nightmares.  It was a loud, pained, incredibly high-pitched noise, and it was her last.  From that day they became orphans, but in different orphanages and never met until they were seven.  At that time in his life, nobody wanted him, nor cared if he died.  Zak rose stiffly and left McDonalds, heading for Akiko’s apartment.




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