Soul-Dancer (Page 23)

“There’s only six days until ‘The Storm’ hits, and they’ve already un-bugged the computer?”  the Director yelled into the phone.  “I–I’m really sorry.  I’ll fix it I promise!”  stammered Kelly.  “FIX IT NOW!”  Kelly glanced at the computer nervously.  “I can’t.  Zak’s on the computer.”  she cried, eyes widening.  “Get rid of him!  I don’t care how you do it!  This plan is going to work!  It has to work!”  the Director growled, sounding like he was on the verge of hysteria.  Kelly murmured something like “I’ll try.”  and hung up the phone.  “Who was that?”  asked Zak, his eyes never moving from the screen in front of him.  Kelly panicked.  Does he know my secret?  Is he trying to trick me into admitting it?  

thought Kelly frantically.  “Oh… just, you know, the Director.  He wanted to know how we’re doing.”  Kelly lied, trying to think through each word as it left her mouth.  Zak raised his eyebrows and turned to face her.  “The Director, huh?  Since when have you called him that?”  In her mind, Freya scolded herself for the slip-up.  “I’ve always called him that.”  said Kelly, matter-of-factly.  Zak shook his head, disbelieving, but not wanting to argue.  He turned back to the computer.  Kelly had an idea. “Hey Zak, the sunrise is really pretty today!  If you come out to the veranda you can see it better.”  she improvised sneakily.  “It’s dawn already?”  asked Zak.  “Uhhh… yeah.  Anyway, it’s beautiful.  Come see.”  Zak rolled his eyes, but got up and moved towards the veranda.  “Wait a minute.  It’s not da–”  He didn’t get to finish his sentence.  Kelly pushed him off the edge of the veranda, sending him flailing towards the ground.  Kelly smiled and moved her hand in a circular movement, as if she was waving to him.  “Sayonara.”  she whispered triumphantly into the early morning.  She raced to the computer, shocked to discover that they had nearly located Storm Cloud.  She hit a few buttons on the keyboard, then pressed uninstall on the programs toolbar.  She was already gloating over the amount of money she would get when Agency N was triumphant.  She smiled just thinking about it.  She wouldn’t need to top that; it would take five days to re-download the

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