Soul-Dancer (Page 22)

running to, but she didn’t care.  She just wanted to be alone.




Twenty minutes later, Myra was huddling in a corner, behind a stall selling sushi.  She promised herself not to become attached to Zak, for she knew what was going to happen to her.  The only plan she had to save him.  She didn’t quite know how to tell him, so she tried to keep it a secret.  “I can’t get attached to him.  I can’t get attached to him.”  repeated Myra, over and over.  It was only later that she learnt she would fail in keeping even that promise.




It was some time before Zak found her in that little corner.  “What happened back there?”  he asked, offering his hand.  Ignoring it, Myra stood up.  “Nothing.  I was just so happy.  Thank you for bringing me here.”  Zak looked suspicious, but he didn’t question her.  Her face was red and puffy from crying, tears drying on her face, staining it.  The fireflies lit the night sky, and a cool breeze was blowing, playing with Myra’s long hair.  Then, something magical happened.  Zak kissed her.  It was a soft, gentle kiss, planted firmly on her mouth.  For that one moment, time seemed to slow down, and everything was perfect.  For that moment, Myra actually believed that she was Myra.  Just Myra.  The kiss ended with the Christmas fireworks that ended every night of the Chrismas Festival.  They withdrew and Myra whispered, “Thank you for tonight.”  and disappeared into the night, leaving Zak standing in that little corner behind the sushi stall, dumbstruck.




Early the next morning, when it was still dark outside, Kelly’s phone vibrated.  “Hello?”  she whimpered nervously, taking the mobile out onto the veranda.

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