Soul-Dancer (Page 21)

by the thousands of people cheering for her.  “I can’t do this.  I won’t do this!”  she hissed.  However, the crowd was relentless.  At last she gave in to the crowd’s incessant cheers.  “Fine.  I’ll do it.  You are so going to pay for this.”  she muttered darkly, walking regretfully up to the stage.  “You’ll be fine.  Just pretend you’re dancing with me.”  Zak called after her.  The lady asked her name, where she came from and what she was going to be doing.  “Myra.  My name’s Myra.  I came from Australia.  I’m going to dance for you tonight.”  Myra said into the microphone.  The lady smiled warmly.  “Lets give Myra a warm welcome!”  she bellowed.  She started to say something else, but was drowned by the roar of the crowds.  The lady asked her if she had any music.  Myra shook her head and the lady exited the stage.  Myra inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and started dancing.  The crowd naturally assumed the water in the background was just a special effect.  “She’s so graceful.”  someone in the crowd crooned.  “Beautiful.”  She heard someone else say.  The crowd oohed and aahed, as she swept across the stage, painting a picture with her feet, fireflies illuminating the dance, beautifying it.  As Myra executed the final step, Zak caught a glimpse of her face, and saw that she was smiling, really smiling.  He hadn’t seen her really smile in a long time.  She looked so beautiful when her face was wiped of worry.  Zak only realised that she was finished when he heard the crowd cheering and clapping, yelling for an encore.  Myra ran down the steps and ran towards Zak, flinging her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek.  “Thank you so much for bringing me here!”  she cried.  Myra withdrew and Zak saw that she was beaming, her eyes shining.  Then a tear rolled down her cheek, making her look about thirty years older.  She turned away, ashamed and embarrassed.  Myra answered the unspoken question of what was wrong by sobbing, “Tonight will probably be the last night I’ll enjoy.  One of the last I have left.”  Zak didn’t know what she was talking about, but he didn’t ask.  He embraced her, trying to comfort her.  She pushed him away and started running.  She didn’t know where she was

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