Soul-Dancer (Page 20)

training.  Akiko also knew a bit about computers and was trying to help, a strand of hair falling into her eyes.  She pushed it away in frustration, as she tried to help solve the virus.  “This is really bugged.  We might need to get a technician to fix this.”  admonished Akiko.  “We don’t have the time or the money to hire a technician!  If only Zak were here.  He could have this fixed by tomorrow!”  snapped Fraya.  Without warning, Akiko fell silent and pointed towards the computer.  Fraya’s eyes followed, and widened in wonder.  The bug had just disappeared.  Fraya headed back onto Storm Cloud’s mainframe computer to run a location program, while Akiko collapsed onto the couch, dumbfounded.  She found it hard to believe that through all the commotion, Kelly had managed to stay asleep.  Her silent reverie was broken by Fraya’s voice.  “So where are Myra and Zak, anyway?”  “I– I don’t know.”  lied Akiko.  Akiko was a terrible liar; she couldn’t lie to save her life.  Fraya’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as she grumbled, “Nobody tells me anything.”  That broke Akiko.  “They went to the Christmas Festival which is being held in the park!”  she blurted out.  Fraya shrugged.  She really didn’t care.  She just hated being left out all the time.




Myra and Zak arrived at a stage on a field lit by fireflies.  It was a beautiful sight.  On the stage, a group of Japanese drummers was performing.  When they finished the song, the crowd cheered and clapped.  The two of them joined in.  There was a lady on the stage now, announcing that anyone could perform.  The crowd fell silent.  “You should go up and dance for them.  They’d love it.”  Zak whispered into Myra’s ear.  “No,”  Myra shook her head, “No.  I can’t dance with so many people watching.  Not even to save my life. No.”  The woman on the stage was asking for volunteers.  No one volunteered.  “My girlfriend will do it!”  yelled Zak.  Girlfriend?  Was that what she was?  I guess that’s what it must look like, thought Myra glumly.  She was brought back to reality

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