Soul-Dancer (Page 3)

loud complaints.  She moved into the kitchen, eying the burnt food.  “So, what’s this lump supposed to be?”  she asked Kelly, pointing to the greeny-brown muck in one of the trays.  “It was supposed to be lasagna, but I think I burned it.”  Myra and Zak burst out laughing.  “You THINK?”  cried Zak, almost crying with laughter.  “I’m not sure about you, but I think I’ll stick to the diet of microwave meals.”  Zak had a point.  He turned the T.V off and wandered over to the kitchen, where he threw a microwave meal into the microwave.  Myra and Zak still felt a little awkward around each other, but the night passed slowly, and the two of them were soon talking eagerly into the night, of when they were seven.  Myra and Kelly were room-mates.  Myra crept slowly into the room they both shared, to avoid waking Kelly.  It only took a few minutes for sleep to claim Myra too.  She glanced at the clock on her bedside.  10:37pm…



When Myra woke, it didn’t feel as if an hour had passed, yet when she glanced at the clock it sad 11:30.  She picked up the vibrating mobile.  She was so tired that she barely heard the shrill beeping noise it made.  Myra lazily picked it up and unlocked it.  The screen was so bright, it made her eyes sting.  she stared at the message on her screen.  It was in block capital letters.  Which only meant one thing.  Danger.








She momentarily panicked.  The Headquarters had never been breached before.  She splashed her face with water, and woke the others.  Zak moaned and grabbed his pillow tighter.  Myra took it off him and woke him in the rather convenient way of hitting him with it and shouting, “THE HEADQUARTERS HAVE BEEN BREACHED!”  sounding a bit like a parrot.  All

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