Soul-Dancer (Page 2)

not change, and neither did the birthmark on his left cheek.  He stared right back at her.  “I’m sorry.  When Agency N found me, they tricked me.  They’re incredibly harsh, you know.  That’s why I’m coming back.”  Myra’s eyebrows shot up.  “Have I ever lied to you?”  “You did when you disappeared and never came back.”  “Touché.”  They were interrupted by Kelly, pointing and waving frantically to the red gem she had in her hand.  She made a victory sign with her fingers.  They swam as fast as an underwater Firesoul could.




Myra looked at her reflection in the mirror.  She was beautiful, with long ivory coloured hair, and murky blue eyes so deep, someone could get lost in them.  The only facial flaw was a tiny birthmark on her left cheek in the shape of a stick figure with fire in one hand and a droplet of water in the other, covered by her side fringe, which was so long it covered half her face.  Her fringe, however, could not mask the brilliant blue it glistened when she danced.  The mark was blue in colour.  The large house that had been provided for her by the Agency, in which she used to live alone, now had four occupants.  Her, Zak, Fraya and Kelly.  Fraya had beautiful blonde hair, and white eyes, and Kelly had brown hair and blue eyes.  The house was becoming crowded.  At least they had the Agency supporting them.  Myra was becoming much too stressed for her age; if anymore problems occurred, she felt she might commit suicide.  Walking out of the bathroom, she saw Fraya on the couch, listening to her I-pod, again.  Zak had also already crashed on the couch, the T.V set to deafening-mode.  There was a burnt smell coming from the kitchen.  Kelly was cooking.  “Why are you cooking?”  Myra asked.  “WHAT?”  Kelly shouted from the kitchen.  Myra inhaled deeply and raised her voice.  “WHY ARE YOU COOKING!”  “Oh.  BECAUSE I CAN’T STAND ANOTHER MICROWAVE MEAL.”  Myra grabbed the T.V remote and turned it right down, ignoring Zak’s

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