Soul-Dancer (Page 19)

After what felt like hours of walking, they finally arrived at Zak’s destination.  It looked like some sort of festival.  “Welcome to the Christmas festival.”  announced Zak.  Myra looked unsure.  “What about our mission?”  she whispered, “We only have seven days–” A smile lit Zak’s face.  “Tonight you’re not Myra the Watersoul.  Tonight, you are just Myra.”  he whispered back.  He went to the nearest stall and bought her a kimono.  As he presented it to her, he said, “Try it on.”  Not wanting to disappoint him, Myra found the nearest change room.  When she came out, Zak gasped.  The kimono was a pale blue with pink cherry blossoms all over it.  To go with the kimono, Zak also bought her a pair of blue satin slippers.  They walked past a couple of stalls, before Zak insisted on stopping at a jewelry stall, with a whole table filled with ornate combs and clips.  He stared at them for a while, before selecting a beautiful blue and gold comb, decorated with flowers, and pushed it into her hair, in a neat bun.  “How did you find out about this Christmas festival?”  “Akiko told me about it.”  They passed a few more stalls, before Myra saw one that she liked.  “I’ll buy something for you here.”  she announced.  Zak complained, saying that it was her special night, and that she shouldn’t buy anything for him.  “You already bought me a kimono, a comb and some shoes.  Now it’s my turn.  You don’t want to make me upset, do you?”  she insisted.  Zak gave up, and Myra bought him what the stall owner said was a daruma doll, which was used for a wish or a goal.  When the owner of the doll makes a wish or goal, they colour in one eye, and when they reach that wish or goal, they colour in the other eye.  The round shaped bottom makes the doll impossible to knock down, which is supposed to symbolise perseverance.




Back at the apartment, Fraya was desperately trying to un-bug the computer.  She wasn’t quite as skilled with computers as Zak was, but she had a little bit of

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