Soul-Dancer (Page 18)

and turned, unable to get back to sleep.  Instead, she walked down to the lake.  She found Zak standing there, gazing wistfully at the pink dawn.  “Do you remember that night, when we met?”  he asked.  “How could I forget?”  He shrugged and turned, only to find she wasn’t there.  She was dancing around him and laughing.  Zak laughed, and danced too.  Fire and water merged as they danced with the two.  Dancing as one, just like when they first met.  Except it wasn’t.  Something was different.  Abruptly, she stopped dancing.  Zak, noticing that she had stopped, stopped too.  “Is everything okay?”  he asked tentatively.  “Things aren’t the same.  I’m not the same.”  sighed Myra, walking back to Akiko’s apartment with tears in her eyes.




Zak beat Myra back to the apartment somehow.  He was already on the computer when she got back, muttering, “I can’t believe this!  The computer is bugged!  But that’s impossible, the only way the enemy could have done this is by coming here.  One of us is to blame.”  Myra‘s heart sunk.  she knew it would take at least another day to get the bug sorted out.  The problem was, they only had seven left.  Myra sighed.  Yet another technicality.  She didn’t know how many more she could take.  She paced up and down through the lounge room, trying to think of strategies to destroy Storm Cloud.  So far she could only think of one.  One particularly disturbing strategy.  In the end, she collapsed onto the sofa, overcome by stress.  Myra fell asleep early that night.  So did Kelly.  Fraya was on the computer when Zak woke Myra.  “Wha–”  Zak?”  Zak gestured for her to follow him.  They quietly tiptoed outside.  “Where are we going?”  she demanded when they were finally outside.  In the street illuminated by street lamps, she saw Zak’s secretive smile.  “You’ll see.”  She hated it when he kept things from her.



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