Soul-Dancer (Page 17)

the boy in the legend?”  Myra nodded her head enthusiastically.  “All the clues point that way.”  As if by demonstration, Myra started dancing, ribbon in hand.  Her birthmark glowed, keeping to an invisible beat.  Water flowed rhythmically around her.  She stopped abruptly, the water receding back into the river.  “Now you.”  she said breathlessly.  Smiling, Zak danced.  Fire danced with him, birthmark glowing.  The fiery glow of the sunset seemed to enhance his dance.  Myra’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, and joined in with him, dances  fitting together perfectly.  The two enjoyed their moment of freedom, as they danced long into the night, before collapsing on the ground, breathless.  Myra laughed for what seemed like the first time in ages, and Zak showed her some constellations in the sky.  A star shot across the blackened sky, soon joined by numerous others.  Myra gasped, “It looks so magical!  It’s almost like I could reach out and touch them!”  Myra was awestruck.  Zak laughed.  It was a soft, gentle laugh, and when Zak laughed, it made Myra laugh too.  Somewhere nearby, there was another bark of laughter.  A man leaped from his hiding place in the tree, sounding triumphant.  “I expected to find one of you here, but both of you?  Jackpot!”  Myra’s heart thudded against her ribcage, like a drum.  She gripped Zak’s hand and bolted before she could see anymore of the man’s face.  They could hear the man stumbling behind her.  Someone stepped out of the shadows, a woman this time.  She laid a firm hand on Myra’s shoulder, forcing her to stop.  Myra screamed, the sound piercing.




Myra woke in a cold sweat.  She must have screamed in real life, because Kelly was kneeling on the ground next to her, looking concerned.  “You were murmuring in your sleep.  Then you screamed and woke up.”  she explained gently.  “Just a bad dream.”  said Myra dismissively.  Kelly studied her face, searching for more information.  Not finding any, Kelly went back to bed, after ensuring that Myra was okay.  Myra tossed

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