Soul-Dancer (Page 16)

years older than what he was, he said, “Some things just can’t be explained.  Weird things happen all the time, only to go unnoticed by ordinary humans.”  The girl smiled, deciding she would trust him.  “My name is Myra.  I’m an orphan.”  she said, sticking out her hand.  Shaking it, the boy replied, “My name is Zak.  I’m an orphan too.  It’s good to meet you.”  A tear rolled down Myra’s cheek.  “Why is the world so against orphans?  Why is the world so against us?”  she cried.  Zak didn’t know what else to do, so he stepped forward and hugged her awkwardly.  “You came out of the water.”  he whispered softly to her as he withdrew.  Myra caught sight of something on Zak’s face, and with great excitement she exclaimed, “That birthmark!  It’s the same as mine!”  She pulled her hair out of her face, to show him.  Myra in fact, did have a birthmark the same as his, but instead of glowing red, it glowed blue.  It looked like a stickman holding a drop of water and fire…




Zak blinked.  “See?”  marveled Myra, “Exactly the same.”  “Except for the colour.”  Zak pointed out.  “Some kids in the orphanage told me this really cool  legend.”  Myra said cheekily, making Zak curious.  “Legend?”  Myra giggled.  “Are you sure you wanna hear it?”  Zak nodded.  “Well…”  Myra began, her eyes sparkling, “It’s about a girl and a boy, who were both dancers.  When they danced, they were perfectly compatible with one another, and able to control the elements, water and fire.  They were known as the Watersoul and the Firesoul.  They had identical birthmarks on their left cheeks, which glowed when they danced.  The Watersoul’s glowed blue, and the Firesoul’s red.”  “What happened to them?”  interrupted Zak.  Myra’s face grew solemn.  “The–they died.  Although, there are stories that they were reincarnated.”  “Rein– what?”  “Reincarnated.  It means that they were reborn.”  A look of realisation spread across Zak’s face.  “So what you’re saying, is that we might be the re-in-car-na-tions of the girl and 

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