Soul-Dancer (Page 15)

Late that night, when everyone else was asleep, Kelly made a phone call.  “They’ve hacked into Storm Cloud’s database and they’ve nearly located it.”  she whispered nervously into the phone.  The man at the other end swore under his breath.  Kelly heard him inhale deeply, then say, “Delay them, I will not let a few kids disrupt this Operation.”  Kelly swallowed hard.  “Yes Sir,” she squeaked.  She hung up the phone and zeroed in on the computer.




Those insolent brats will get what they deserve, thought the Director of Agency N, ruefully, hanging up the phone.  “And once I’m done with that pathetic excuse of an agent, I’ll dispose of Kelly too!”  he chuckled to himself.



She saw a little girl sitting on one of the steps of her old orphanage.  She was crying, a long dancing ribbon lying beside her.  She knew she was looking at herself, at a memory long ago…


On the other side of town, a little boy sat on the riverbank.  He was also crying.  He glanced up, thinking he would see himself in the river’s reflection.  Instead, he saw the girl sitting on the steps of the orphanage.  Her face still wet with tears, she stood up and started dancing.  It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.  Inspired by the girl in the reflection, he started dancing too.  The girl in the water burst out of the glassy water, and danced around Zak, both of them dancing to the beat in their minds.  Water and fire burst up in large streams around them.  No sadness.  No contempt.  Just bliss.  For that one moment, all the pieces seemed to fit into place.  Everything felt right.  Until the girl saw that she wasn’t outside the orphanage anymore.  She stopped dancing.  “Who are you? How did I get here?”  she spat.  The boy shrugged.  Sounding about a hundred 

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