Soul-Dancer (Page 14)

were out for a day.  There’s only eight days, thirty hours, forty-five minutes, and twenty seconds until Storm Cloud hits.  In the two days that you were out, we were able to hack into the main system, and round up a few scraps of information.  It is more dangerous than we first thought.  There are two stages in Operation Storm Cloud, and… well, the rest I think you can read for yourself.”  Myra’s eyes scanned the page as she tried to decipher what Zak said.  Her eyes became more horrified the more she read.


Storm Cloud is an impressive weapon, currently in the possession of an agency known as Agency N.    It is being used against the Agency’s Japanese enemies.  It has two main stages.

Stage One: Storm Cloud infects Japan’s main waterways.  Everyone who drinks from there will be infected with a deadly virus and will die within a few days.

Stage Two: A poisonous gas will be released into the air, all over Japan, killing all the remaining citizens.  After “The Storm” hits, none of the Japanese will live to see the damage caused.

Storm Cloud’s the master weapon in today’s technology.  “The Storm” will hit in eight days, thirty hours, forty-five minutes ten seconds and counting.

Myra gulped.  “Zak, do you think you will be able to locate it in time?” asked Kelly, sounding concerned.  Zak shook his head, uncertain.  “I’m not sure, but the faster I do, the better.”  Later that night, Zak tossed and turned, unable to sleep.  “Myra, are you afraid?”  Myra turned to face him, her face brimming with tears.  “I don’t know.  That’s what really scares me.”  Her tears glowed like sapphires in the darkness.  As soon as they hit the ground, they shifted and rearranged themselves into one simple word:


Zak stared at the word in puzzlement.  “I… I think I’ll try to get some sleep.”  stammered Myra, bewildered.  She closed her eyes and sleep enveloped her.





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