Soul-Dancer (Page 13)

narrowed when she saw the state the computer was in.  “What happened to the computer?”  she asked, unable to stop the accusation creeping into her voice.  Myra evidently didn’t want to be there when Kelly found out that it would take time to repair the computer.  Myra declared quietly that she was going for a walk.  Just as Myra was returning from her walk, she was ambushed.  Several agents leaped at her, pinning her to the ground.  She was breathless.  It was over.  When she got back to her feet, she came face to face to a girl about the age of ten, with soft auburn curls and blue eyes.  Myra was taken aback.  The girl seized this opportunity, and knocked her off her feet again.  The tiny, ferocious child was about to finish her off with a knife, but then, something miraculous happened.  Zak burst out from a tree and took them all out single-handedly.  “How did you know I was in danger?”  gasped Myra.  Zak leaned against the tree he had so quickly appeared from.  “Easy.  Just follow the GPS system in my head.”  That would explain how easily he located me, thought Myra.  One of the many blessings of the Souldancers is that they have automatic beepers that go off in their head when the other is in trouble.  Their brains have little GPS systems installed in their heads for precisely this purpose.  Myra gripped Zak’s arm, afraid that if she let go, the world would collapse into nothingness.  “Are you okay?”  he asked, genuinely worried.  She nodded, before vomiting and passing out.  She woke what she thought must be hours later.  Groggily, she glanced around the room, eyes resting on the worried people at the computer.  It was light in the room, which meant it must be morning.  Stumbling — she wouldn’t even call it walking — she reached the computer to find out what all the fuss was about.  There was a fishy smell coming from the kitchen, and when she turned, Myra saw that Akiko was making sushi.  Akiko waved from her spot in the kitchen, and went back to preparing the food.  The others finally noticed her, and all began to speak, in worried tones, about what they had discovered about Storm Cloud.  Zak finally silenced everyone and explained everything.  “You

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