Soul-Dancer (Page 12)

dance, they can control the elements.”  said Kelly, a little too cheerfully.  The table fell silent until Akiko said quietly, “So that wasn’t just a story to scare little kids.  All the stuff about the agencies and the Watersoul and the Firesoul, that’s all true.”  “Can’t argue there.”  muttered Fraya under her breath.  The rest of the night was spent in silence, everyone too wrapped up in their own thoughts to care.




Next morning, Myra woke to the computer going off like a fire alarm again.  She scanned the room, to see Fraya at the computer panicking.  “What did you do to the computer?”  screamed Myra.  “I don’t know!  I didn’t do anything to the computer!  It just randomly started beeping!”  “What do we do?”  shouted Myra.  Part of her was angry, and part of her needed to get her voice heard over the racket the computer was making.  She was loud enough to wake Zak.  “Great, you’re awake.  We need you to fix the computer.”  Myra said sweetly.  Before Zak could argue that he was woken by the shouting, he realized the bigger problem.  Stumbling towards the computer, he examined it quickly, before defining that it would take a two days to get it under control, and that they should probably get settled in that time.  Sighing, Myra collapsed onto the couch, opened her notepad and started drawing.  Time was something they needed, something they didn’t have.  It took a little while before the beeping subsided, but it eventually did.  Every once in a while, Myra would look up at Zak, his nimble fingers tapping on the keyboard and the mouse, his brow creased in concentration, his golden-brown hair flopping across his forehead as he worked.  One look at him and any girl would go weak at the knees.  Any girl like Myra.  She loved the freedom that drawing gave her.  The smooth, even strokes her pencil made on the page.  She loved that her mind could wander anywhere while she drew, yet, at the same time, stay in one place.  Only when Kelly woke, did she stop, close the book and stare at her intently.  Kelly’s eyes

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