Soul-Dancer (Page 11)

“Nine days, thirty four hours, twenty minutes, five seconds and counting until Storm Cloud hits Japan.”  The Director of Agency N beamed proudly.  “Sir, you are very clever.  Surely your brother won’t be able to compete with Storm Cloud.  But one question.  Why Japan?” asked his emissary.  The Director laughed harshly.  “Because, with our Japanese enemies vanquished, we will be one step closer to our goal.  My brother, the Leader of Agency A may send his greatest agents, but they will be no match for Storm Cloud.”




Myra sat back against her seat, pushing the remainder of her food away.  She couldn’t eat anymore, or she’d feel sick.  She was still gloating over her victory against the computer.  Strolling casually towards the apartment that was to be her home for the next nine days, she window-shopped for a while.  When she got back, everyone was silent.  Zak hadn’t left the computer since Myra left for a solitary lunch.  They all knew that they shouldn’t disturb him.  He was doing his best to ensure no viruses ruined the old computer.  “Zak, you realize that you can leave the computer every once in a while.  Storm Cloud won’t attack us twenty-four seven!”  admonished Myra, laying a gentle hand on Zak’s shoulder.  Later that night, when Akiko was making dinner, they noticed something different about her.  She was quieter, not cheery like her usual self.  When they sat down to eat, Akiko finally spoke.  “What is Storm Cloud?”  she asked innocently.  Zak laid down his knife and fork, and Myra gaped at her, clearly astonished that she had overheard.  “Storm Cloud is a dangerous weapon that an agency called Agency N is trying to use against its Japanese enemies.  We were sent on a mission to destroy it.  We don’t know exactly what it can do, but we know that if we fail, Storm Cloud will destroy Japan.  Oh, and Zak and Myra… they’re not normal.  They are the Firesoul and the Watersoul, which means when they

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