Soul-Dancer (Page 10)

down on the computer chair gently, for it looked like it might collapse otherwise.  Myra started downloading the program she needed for locating the deadly Storm Cloud.  It downloaded quickly, and surprisingly didn’t take up very much of the old computer’s nearly used up memory.  Myra knew it wouldn’t hold up for very long.  She began working on the elaborate coding, working late into the night.  Myra yawned and rubbed her eyes.  Everyone was asleep except Zak who was out on the veranda.  He noticed her rubbing her eyes.  “I can take over for you while you sleep.”  he offered.  Myra graciously accepted his offer.  Sighing, she climbed into the make-shift bed she had made herself on the couch.  All she could think of was Storm Cloud and how every hour she wasted sleeping was an hour down, and an hour less till her impending doom.  She tried to stifle a groan, but it came out like a high-pitched squeak.  Zak turned to study her face with concern, but she had already fallen asleep.  He turned back to the computer, chiding himself, telling himself that he was hearing things.




Freya screamed into Myra’s ear to wake her.  There was no need, for Myra had already heard the fire alarm which meant that Kelly was trying to cook again.  The strange thing was, the alarm wasn’t accompanied by the usual burnt smell.  “MYRA!  The computer’s beeping like a broken fire alarm and I have no idea how to fix it!”  she screamed, running around and waving her arms in the air as if it would help stop it beeping.  “So that would explain why Kelly isn’t in the kitchen there isn’t a smell of burnt food.”  said Myra, groggily putting the pieces together as she stumbled tiredly to the computer.  She tried a couple of codes but they were received and thrown back at her.  She thought of waking Zak, but he looked so peaceful.  Kelly wrung her hands nervously, pacing up and down the lounge room.  There was only one thing to do.  She had to fight the war.


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