Soul-Dancer (page 1)

Ever since she was little, Myra loved to dance.  However, she didn’t dance any ordinary dance.  She water-danced.  Myra was the Watersoul which meant she could control cater when she danced.  Throughout all the countries, there were only two agencies, both enemies.  Their ambitions are still a secret and their names are Agency A and Agency N.  Myra along with many of her friends worked for Agency A.  Agency A was nicknamed the Agency of Light, and was the complete opposite from Agency N, the Dark Agency.



Myra swam through the ruins of an ancient ship,  The Jabberwocky, with her friend, Kelly.  They were searching for the long lost fire rune.  Unfortunately so were Agency N.  Myra moaned and being the Watersoul, the water allowed her to.  Kelly tried to, but no sound came out of her open mouth.  Instead, water just went in.  Myra danced, trying to ward off the other agents.  Five minutes later, she danced into one.  It was only when she realised she could talk when she realised that the two of them were in a blocked off underwater cave.  “Who are you?”  she demanded.  The boy laughed.  “You don’t remember?”  he replied teasingly, before dancing.  Dancing like only one person she knew could.  Myra felt an urge to dance with him, just like she had when they were seven.  The Firesoul.  “Zak?”  “That’s me.”  She stared at his face, long and hard.  He looked older.  His hair browner.  His skin more tanned.  She remembered the burning eyes, blazing as if they were on fire, and noted that they did

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