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Youtube Channel

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Hello friends

You still with me?

Sorry for not updating in so long, I’m pretty busy…

Anyways, could you maybe check out my youtube channel?  I would really appreciate it.  I do covers of songs and today I posted an original song.

Link to my channel:

Thank you!



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Hello again,

I’m so happy, I now have 100 followers!  My little community is growing, slowly, but we’ll get there!  Thank you so much to all my supporters, and I wish you all well!


Sorry I’ve been busy

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Sorry I haven’t been posting recently – I’ve been super busy, what with assignments and exams and all, homework, and on top of that I also have my job – whew!  It really gets hard to juggle all that plus a social life, but I’m managing 😀

I’ll try really hard to get some new posts up here, and hope you enjoy my blog!



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Dear Everyone,

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!  It’s now been a year since I started blogging and I already have heaps of followers!   Thank you guys so much!  I hope that over the years, I continue to find the time for blogging, and I hope that I can share my writing with even more people!

Thank you, everyone who has supported me,
Myra M.


Contact Myra

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Hey again

(sorry to bore you) I thought I should give you an email address so you can contact me if you want to, to give me feedback, and uh, stuff like that.





Just a little message from Myra

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Merry Christmas (sorry for missing it) and Happy New Year!!!  May your New Year be happy and prosperous, and full of good luck!  Best wishes for the rest of 2013 and keep checking on my blog —  I’m currently working on a story that should be finished by the end of this year, and there will be plenty of new stories and poems.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my story, so keep checking back!

Bring it on, 2013!


Glad I Made it another week…

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Ahhh…  it’s Friday.  I’m glad I made it another week.  This week’s been so long and tiring that I’m really glad it’s over.  All those people in Brisbane will know that it’s also EKKA week, so it’s even more tiring.  After all I’ve been through this week, I feel like I’m in some sort of hazy dream.  Sorry for rambling on…  you must be so bored of reading this so I’ll wrap it up now.  Hope your week’s been better than mine!

Myra M.