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My Promise to You

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I know that it feels hard right now,

And you cannot see the sun,

I know that nothing will endow,

When this hurt you feel is done.

I know that nothing does feel right,

And all you do is fret,

But someday when all is bright,

That’s when I place my bet.

I know it is hard to imagine,

That things are gonna get better,

But I know that someday when you win,

You’ll be one damn lucky better.

One day when you feel okay,

And all is perfectly fine,

I’ll be there to keep the darkness away,

Of promises, that is mine.

I Promise to Smile

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I promise to smile,

Even just for a little while,

I promise to laugh an awful lot,

And that my smiles will never rot,

In a cold dark prison oblivious to the stars,

Unable to slip through the bars.

I promise to never cry,

About a matter as trivial as a lie,

I promise to try to be myself,

And never hide up on a shelf,

Where I will never truly see,

A beauty quite as deep as thee.

I promise to sing quite a bit,

Even if I am a ditz,

I promise to never lie,

Never again, not even try,

To lie a lie to make you cry,

A lie so bad to make you die.

I promise I’ll be your very best friend,

Our friendship to be sowed, but not to rend,

It would be cruel, it would be dire,

Of me even to tire,

For your presence will never truly die,

Like a friendship so heavy as a sigh.

A Friendship That was Never Born

Posted in Angry Poems, Poems, Promises, Sad Poems with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 19, 2012 by Myra's Circle

You ate me up inside,

Made sure my tears never dried,

You hungrily ate every sigh,

Every exasperation of mine.

You created something fake,

Just for the sake,

Of trying to make,

Me cry a lake.

We never truly got along,

You never made me sing a song,

What I thought was friendship, I was wrong,

You were my ‘friend’ for so very long.

The length it took to say you’re sorry,

You never truly did worry,

About our ‘friendship’, you weren’t concerned,

All that is left has now been burned.

Not a single photo now is kept,

No memories will have leapt,

For now I have very soundly slept,

And very gladly have I dreamt.

I promise you now that you are gone,

Your disappearing presence I will not mourn,

You always treated me with lots of scorn,

Now with a friendship that was never born.

My Little Promise

Posted in Poems, Promises with tags , , , , , , , , on July 2, 2012 by Myra's Circle

I promise:

To do what’s right no matter the cost,

And try to forget all that I’ve lost.

To remember the people who love me so,

And love them more than they can know.

I promise:

I’ll be my best, no matter what it’ll be,

And care for someone other than me.

I’ll try to be kind to everyone I meet,

Because everyone on the way’s a treat.

I promise:

To hope enough for more than two,

And care for friends when they are blue.

I will love more than it is true,

And there won’t be days which I will rue.

I promise:

To live life to the very full,

And take the horns of the bull.

To be a friend to those who have naught,

And teach those who have not been taught.

I promise:

To be there when others are not,

And care for people more than a lot.

I will shine my light extremely bright,

And be a kid, I may, I might.

I promise:

To find someone with whom I’m in love,

Who doesn’t need a push or shove.

I will find myself a little cove,

To little to ever move.

I promise:

To see that my friends are okay,

And talk to them everyday.

To be a friend to everyone,

And always have a lot of fun.

A Promise of Friendship

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I promise that:

I will be your friend no matter what,

I will love you a whole lot.

I will care for you in times of trouble,

Through floods and storms and household rubble.

I would risk my life to save yours,

I will know you to the very core.

I promise that:

I will never leave you alone,

I’ll go through your troubles too, despite my own.

I will be there for you,

Through black and blue.

I will let you shine,

Through mud and grime.

I will light your way,

Through darkest day.

I promise that:

I will love you more than anything,

I will be with you through thick and thin.

I will never hurt you,

I will stick with you like glue.

I will love you unlike any other,

Unlike any sister, mother, or brother.

I promise that:

I will let you be yourself,

And share with you all my wealth.

You’ll never be alone, you see,

I will never let you to be.

I promise this and many more,

For I love you to the very core.

I wish you luck in the years to come,

I wish you to prosper under the sun.

For all my friends, especially Louise.