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A Humble Prayer

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I ask for peace,

In the minds of the people,

For forgiveness when it is but impossible,

I ask for happiness,

In everyone, regardless of what they have done.

I ask of you to smile upon all,

Whether good or bad,

No matter what their sin.

I ask a blessing,

on those who are unaware of their own beauty,

Those misfortunate souls,

Without direction.

I ask for people to wake up,

See their purpose to help others,

Who are unfortunate in ways they’ll never know.

I ask of you to make people aware,

Of the hard work they need,

To accomplish these things.

I ask for humility,

To those people,

Who have life so easy.

In the Springtime

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I smell the cold, deadness of winter,

The bark on trees starts to splinter,

But I know deep inside my heart,

That in the springtime life will start.

The breeze through the trees, the wind in my hair,

I dream deeply of a place where,

I will never again feel the coldness,

A place where I couldn’t care less.

The flowers will bloom bringing colour,

To this dark world, devoid of valour,

The birds singing gaily without warning,

Of the rage that is secretly storming.

The meadows are full of bright green,

Where baby creatures wean,

Off their mothers,

Feeding hungrily, like many others.

Cloudless skies loom over us,

Over a place where we must,

Guard carefully and listen,

To the new life, arisen.

I smile over the beautiful blessings,

Of a God long forgotten resting,

I’m sad for a moment, lost,

In a memory different than most.

But secretly, in my heart of hearts, I know,

That in the springtime, soft winds will blow.

I Promise to Smile

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I promise to smile,

Even just for a little while,

I promise to laugh an awful lot,

And that my smiles will never rot,

In a cold dark prison oblivious to the stars,

Unable to slip through the bars.

I promise to never cry,

About a matter as trivial as a lie,

I promise to try to be myself,

And never hide up on a shelf,

Where I will never truly see,

A beauty quite as deep as thee.

I promise to sing quite a bit,

Even if I am a ditz,

I promise to never lie,

Never again, not even try,

To lie a lie to make you cry,

A lie so bad to make you die.

I promise I’ll be your very best friend,

Our friendship to be sowed, but not to rend,

It would be cruel, it would be dire,

Of me even to tire,

For your presence will never truly die,

Like a friendship so heavy as a sigh.

A Promise of Friendship

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I promise that:

I will be your friend no matter what,

I will love you a whole lot.

I will care for you in times of trouble,

Through floods and storms and household rubble.

I would risk my life to save yours,

I will know you to the very core.

I promise that:

I will never leave you alone,

I’ll go through your troubles too, despite my own.

I will be there for you,

Through black and blue.

I will let you shine,

Through mud and grime.

I will light your way,

Through darkest day.

I promise that:

I will love you more than anything,

I will be with you through thick and thin.

I will never hurt you,

I will stick with you like glue.

I will love you unlike any other,

Unlike any sister, mother, or brother.

I promise that:

I will let you be yourself,

And share with you all my wealth.

You’ll never be alone, you see,

I will never let you to be.

I promise this and many more,

For I love you to the very core.

I wish you luck in the years to come,

I wish you to prosper under the sun.

For all my friends, especially Louise.