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Where is Heaven?

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Where is Heaven now?
Now that Hell is here?
The angels take a bow,
The demons, we must fear.

Now Hell has frozen over,
And Heaven’s simply bored,
The demon’s pick the clovers,
The sharpest possible claws.

They sniff at all the flowers,
Which then wilt away,
The angels start to cower,
The demons watch with dismay.

The sun sets on the colder world,
A job done by Hell,
And Heaven’s in a corner curled,
Their hearts beating in a swell.

What do demons truly see?
A world that they could own?
And anything I thought could be,
But Heaven’s not at home.

So where, then, is this force?
When Hell isn’t done,
When we scream with voices hoarse,
Whilst Hell has its fun?

Just End It

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I try to remember the things that I said,
To make so many hate me,
Including me,
The words won’t come back,
No matter how I scream,
They’ll stay there forever,
And ever it seems.

Make it stop, the pain I feel,
Let it go forever,
I cannot breathe no more,
It’s killing me.

It’s darkness, it’s demons,
Wash them all away,
Chase it all down with some liquor,
Maybe not,
Although I tried,
I cannot be brave enough,
I’ll always be weak,
Weaker than them.

Please, end this,
Even if I must myself,
Perhaps I’ll be better,
Maybe someday.


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There are many different types of burdens,
The ones that drag too long,
Those that make us smile a while,
Then disappear into sad song.

The ones that are the hardest,
That some just cannot bear,
The ones that are the easiest,
Like waking up with messy hair,

The ones that shout to be freed,
To finally be released,
The ones that whisper quietly,
When all music has ceased,

The burdens that just sit there,
Making it hard to breathe,
The ones that make you angry,
The things that make you seethe.

Then there are the burdens,
That we all will get through,
The ones that are a little hard,
That make us feel a little blue,

The little dramas we call our ‘days’,
These are burdens on their own,
Either we spend them with our friends,
Or we spend them all alone.

The Stars, the Moon, the Sun, and YOU

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You look at the stars and wonder where the times went,
When love and happiness were no mere dissent,
When you were for once a glad soul,
And your sanity was no longer on hold.

You stare at the moon, at all of it’s holes,
And remember that that’s what makes it’s full soul,
That yours will soon, of all, be complete,
And then you’ll be going again with all the speed of fleet.

No more will the stars and the moon,
Have what you want, so near and so soon,
You, you shall be happy again,
And when you should be happy, my friend, that’s when,

The stars and the moon will lose their own glimmer,
The sun so bright, will forget how to shimmer,
And you will shine, as a light so bright,
And you might be happy again, oh how you might.

My Words will only Be Blown Away

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Blown away by the breeze,

Just words,

Sweet words,

Lovely words.

Carried away on cold shoulders,

No words,

Sad words,

Silent words.

Taken away by tears,

Choked words,

Lost words,

Dying words.

Destroyed by one’s own loneliness,

Screamed words,

Cried words,

Dangerous words.

Lost in an abyss of wonder,

Lied words,

Sighed words,

Thoughtless words.

Ruined by death’s last wish,

Dead words,

Dull words,

Scary words.

Attacked by anger’s first touch,

Scarred words,

Marred words,

Wasted words.

But these words,

Last words,

Daring words,

Will only be blown away.

I’m Lonely

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I angrily wipe tears with my hand backs,

And try to muster knowledge I lack,

Who has awoken this angry beast?

That’s all I can say, the very least.

My heart confuddles what my mind cannot,

Leaping into a thought-bound trot,

The anger that this beast has arisen,

Will surely be slain for high treason.

I think of how things used to be,

When happiness was what used to be me,

But anger meddles with my lonely heart,

Fear mingles in; that’s only the start!

Cold winds blow from one place to another,

And the white blanket that falls is more than a cover,

For the dead, dry earth that is my soul,

The bare patch of grass that winter stole.

Can one live in a place of cold wonder,

Without a single stumble, nor even a blunder?

I don’t think so, not in the least,

For that’s what lies at the heart of the beast.

When my fingers rip at the fabric of me,

They leave scars only I can see,

But the pain is more than hard to bear,

Not that anyone would really care.

I know my life is worth none,

A worthless price, at least for some,

I will destroy myself, I think, one day,

When on my worthless back I lay.

No tears spill, worthless too,

How could they with no one for comfort, not even you?

No one can bear this pain alone,

Not even a wolf, alone, he roams.

I wish I could trade my life for another,

I have no one, not even a lover,

To share my dreams, my secret worries,

No one to ever say, “I’m sorry.”

But perhaps one day, maybe this one,

A death suitable for me will come,

And I will roam the earth once more,

As a lonely soul, yes, of the Earth’s core.

I Must be Brave

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I must be brave,

I must stand tall,

And try to save,

Courage of us all,

Without my smiles,

Shining in the dark,

We couldn’t walk for miles,

Without a mark.

I am a leader,

I must show strength,

I’m a defeater,

Of tears that taint,

My saddened laugh,

For all to hear,

I can’t be daft,

I can’t show fear.

I suffer silently,

All on my own,

They only hear my decree,

Not my sadness’s drone,

That which wails throughout the night,

Not letting up,

Till morning’s light.