There are many different types of burdens,
The ones that drag too long,
Those that make us smile a while,
Then disappear into sad song.

The ones that are the hardest,
That some just cannot bear,
The ones that are the easiest,
Like waking up with messy hair,

The ones that shout to be freed,
To finally be released,
The ones that whisper quietly,
When all music has ceased,

The burdens that just sit there,
Making it hard to breathe,
The ones that make you angry,
The things that make you seethe.

Then there are the burdens,
That we all will get through,
The ones that are a little hard,
That make us feel a little blue,

The little dramas we call our ‘days’,
These are burdens on their own,
Either we spend them with our friends,
Or we spend them all alone.

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